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Beginners Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping

Beginners Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping

If you're interested in sub-ohm vaping but don't know where to begin, then look no further.

Sub-ohm vaping has become the preferred choice for many vapers due to its richer flavour and denser vapour.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for smoking cigarettes, offering a safer and more health-conscious way to consume nicotine. With advances in vaporizer technology, comes sub-ohm vaping.

Sub-ohm vaping can provide a powerful vape experience with intense flavours and large clouds, but is usually best suited for more advanced vapers.

This guide will explain what sub-ohm vaping is, why it has become popular, and some tips for beginners.

It will also help you determine if sub-ohm vaping is a good option for you based on whether your aim is more intense flavours or larger vapor clouds.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a type of vaping that utilises an atomizer coil with a resistance below one ohm. This generates greater power to the coil, creating enhanced vapor output and an increased flavour profile.

Decreasing the resistance requires more wattage to heat up the coil, which is why sub-ohm vaping necessitates stronger batteries and mods than other vaping methods.

Why is Sub-Ohm Vaping Popular?

Sub-ohm vaping has grown in popularity due to its intense flavour and thick clouds of vapor. It also offers a more intense, enjoyable experience for many vapers and allows them to experiment with a range of flavour profiles.

Cloud chasers often compete against each other by trying to produce the biggest clouds possible, and Sub-Ohm vaping is a favourite method.

Tips for Beginner Sub-Ohm Vapers

If you're just beginning your journey into sub-ohm vaping, there are some important things to remember before you start.

Verify that your device is compatible with sub-ohm coils prior to starting. Before using a sub-ohm coil, it is important to check the wattage limit of your device.

Begin by using a lower wattage level, and slowly raise it until the perfect balance between flavour and vapour has been achieved.

Lastly, be sure to use the appropriate e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping. For sub-ohm coils, it's important to use e-liquids that contain more vegetable glycerine (VG) than other kinds of vaping.

Sub ohm vaping not only produces larger, warmer clouds of vapour, but also offers a more intense flavour experience. 

The larger volume of vapor created by sub ohm devices results in an intensified flavour with each inhalation.

What's more, the increased vapour allows for a higher concentration of nicotine in every puff, giving users who desire a strong nicotine hit an even greater satisfaction.

When using sub ohm devices, users can enjoy a wider selection of kits and customization settings compared to MTL kits, allowing them to create their own ideal vaping experience.

With this guide, you should have all the information you need to get started on your sub-ohm vaping journey!

Related questions asked on Google regarding Sub-Ohm vaping

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions related to sub-ohm and vaping:

What wattage should I vape sub ohm?

When sub-ohm vaping, it's essential to think about wattage. The wattage setting impacts the vapor production and flavour intensity.

Overall, sub-ohm vaping typically uses higher wattages than standard vaping.

Choosing the right wattage for sub-ohm vaping is influenced by different considerations, such as your coil type and preferred vaping experience.

If your coil is below 1 ohm, it's recommended to start with a wattage setting between 15 and 25 watts. For high-resistance coils (greater than 1 ohm) it is recommended to begin with a wattage between 10 and 20 watts.

Experimenting with different wattages is important to find the ideal one for you. Adjusting the wattage can give you the flavour and vapor production that you want.

Can I use 50/50 in sub ohm?

Sub ohm devices are compatible with 50/50 e-liquids. When vaping with sub ohm coils, it is important to remember to use e-liquids with a higher VG (vegetable glycerine) content than other types of vaping.

For sub ohm devices to produce large, hot clouds of vapour, they require a higher percentage of vegetable glycerine as more vapor is produced. For best results, use a e-liquid with at least 70% VG if you are using a 50/50 blend.

Is 0.4 or 0.2 coil better?

Which coil you go with is a matter of personal preference as well as the type of vaping experience you're aiming for.

Generally, coils with lower resistances (i.e. 0.4 ohm) will give you more vapor and a warmer vape; whereas higher resistance coils (like 0.2 ohm) yield less vapor but a cooler vape.

It is essential to try out multiple types of coils to determine which one is the most suitable for you.

Is a 0.8 coil sub Ohm?

Indeed, a 0.8 ohm coil is classified as sub ohm. Sub ohm coils, built with a resistance less than 1 ohm, offer greater vapor and flavour production than regular coils.

When using sub ohm coils it is important to check that your device can support the higher wattage required for this type of coil compared to standard coils.

Is high VG good for sub Ohm?

Sub ohm vaping is best done with high VG e-liquids.

Sub ohm devices have the capacity to create more vapour than regular devices, thus requiring e-liquids with a higher VG content in order to produce dense and warm vapour clouds.

For the best results, e-liquids with a VG content of 70% or more are recommended if you're using a high VG e-liquid.

Is lower resistance better for vaping?

For a warmer vape and increased vapor production, lower resistance coils are usually the best option for vaping.

It's important to remember that lower resistance coils consume more wattage than higher resistance coils. 

When using a low resistance coil, start with a wattage in the range of 15 to 25 watts.

For the best results when using a high resistance coil, begin with a wattage between 10 and 20 watts.

The wattage can also be changed to obtain the desired flavour and vapor output.

How do you know if your vape is too strong?

If you find that your vape is too strong, then you should try reducing the wattage of your device.

Generally speaking, lower wattages produce less vapor and a cooler vape.

What wattage should I vape at 0.30 ohm?

For a 0.30 ohm coil, it's best to start off with a wattage between 20 and 30 watts. The wattage can be modified to ensure you get the flavour and vapor production that you want.

What wattage should I use for 1.2 ohm?

For a 1.2 ohm coil, it is recommended to set the wattage between 10-20 watts.

For the desired flavour and vapor production, you can adjust the wattage accordingly.

What wattage should I vape at 0.80 ohm?

If your coil has a resistance of 0.80 ohm, the recommended wattage range is 15-25 watts.

Trying out different wattages will help you find the ideal setting for yourself.

What wattage should I vape at 0.27 ohm?

Starting with a wattage range of 25 to 35 watts is recommended if you're using a 0.27 ohm coil.

You can tweak the wattage to get the flavour and vapor production that you want.

Is it OK to use salt NIC in sub ohm?

Sub ohm devices are compatible with salt nic e-liquids. However, it should be noted that salt nic e-liquids are usually stronger in nicotine content compared to regular e-liquids.

Using this approach, begin by using a lower wattage than you would typically use with regular e-liquids.

It's important to note that salt nic e-liquids should only be used in low wattage devices and not suitable for sub ohm vaping.

Is sub ohm better for flavour?

Sub ohm coils heat up much quicker and hotter than regular coils, which leads to a richer and more favourable vaping experience.

Furthermore, sub ohm devices typically feature more expansive air intakes, resulting in higher vapor production and a smoother draw.

When using a vape, the wattage you choose may impact the taste you get.

Vaping at a lower wattage will create a cooler vape with more subtle flavours since there is less vapor produced, whereas using higher wattages results in more vapor and a warmer vape that packs more intense flavours.

What e-liquid is best for sub Ohm?

For a superior e-liquid or sub ohm vaping experience, make sure the product is of high quality and has more VG content.

E-liquids with a higher VG content tend to generate more vapor and provide a smoother draw compared to those with less VG.

When selecting an e-liquid for your device, it is important to choose one with the proper nicotine strength.

When using a sub ohm device, ensure you check the label or your e-liquid as they usually require higher nicotine levels than regular devices.

Can you use regular e-liquid sub Ohm?

Sub ohm devices can be used with regular e-liquid. Nevertheless, it's important to note that regular e-liquids generally have a lower VG content than those created specifically for sub ohm vaping.

These devices may not be able to create as much vapor or produce a draw that is as smooth as those made for sub ohm units.

Additionally, regular e-liquids usually have lower nicotine strengths than those made for sub ohm devices, so make sure to check the label before using them in your device.

What's the difference between 50/50 and 70/30 vape juice?

The primary difference between 50/50 and 70/30 vape juice is the ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) to PG (propylene glycol).

A 50/50 e-liquid has an equal amount of VG and PG, while a 70/30 e-liquid has a higher VG content than PG.

If your device has a higher VG content, it will provide more vapor production and a smoother draw.

What's more, 70/30 e-liquids tend to have a sweeter flavour compared to 50/50 e-liquids.

At the end of the day, choosing an e-liquid comes down to personal preference.

What ohms are best for flavour?

The ohms that will provide the best flavour will depend on your wattage.

Generally, using a lower wattage (under 30w) will give you a cooler vape and more subtle flavours while a higher wattage (above 30w) will deliver warmer vapor with stronger flavours.

Furthermore, the kind of coil you have can impact the flavour of your vape.

Using larger wire gauges for coils can create a more intense flavour as they heat up faster and hotter than those using smaller wire gauges.

Which nicotine is good for sub ohm?

Your ideal nicotine strength for sub ohm vaping will depend on your taste.

When using sub ohm devices, it's essential to read the label of your e-liquid to ensure it has a high enough nicotine strength.

If you prefer a more powerful throat hit, try higher nicotine levels (6mg/ml or higher).

If you're looking for a mellow cigarette draw with reduced throat irritation, consider nicotine levels that are 3mg/ml or less.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of personal preference to decide on the nicotine strength.

What is the best sub ohm tank for flavour?

Which sub ohm tank provides the best flavour will depend on the type of coil you're using.

Typically, coils composed of thick wire heat at a greater rate and provide a higher temperature than those that are built with thinner wire, delivering an intensified flavour experience.

It's also important to remember that the wattage you use can affect the flavour of your vape.

Vaping at a lower wattage (under 30 watts) creates a cooler vapor with more delicate tastes, whereas higher wattages (above 30 watts) generate a warmer vapor with bolder flavours.

In the end, it's a matter of personal preference when deciding on a coil and wattage.

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Notable statistics referenced across in this article and are worth visiting to expand on the advice given on this page:

  • As a result, you'll find most sub ohmers use very low levels of nicotine – 0.3% is quite common. (
  • And when we surveyed vapers on vaping etiquette, only 3% thought it was acceptable to blow large of clouds of vapour anywhere. (
  • Sub ohm e liquids will contain a higher ratio of vegetable glycerine (VG); usually 60% and above. (
  • Classic e-liquids will contain a higher percentage of propylene glycol (PG); 50% or above, and are suitable for classic (mouth-to-lung) kits. (
  • The most common nicotine strength for sub ohm vapers is 3mg (0.3%). (
  • The other warning is, know 100% what you are doing! (
  • In terms of liquids, we recommend 00% e-liquid where you can get 100ml of 70/30 VG PG e-liquid. (
  • When it comes to nicotine strength, we would say that 95% of sub-ohm users will use 3mg of nicotine. (
  • If you're using an unregulated box mod, it's best to have the batteries charged at all times (at least 50% battery life). (
  • Generally, any e-juice with 60%VG upwards will suffice. (

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