According to recent studies, vaping is reported to be 95% safer than smoking.

According to recent studies, vaping is reported to be 95% safer than smoking.

A Cancer Research reports state that e-cigarettes help to fight health conditions resulting from smoking. 

Smoking is dangerous, and you expose yourself to health diseases, including cancer and heart diseases. 

You may want to stop smoking, but that does not seem to work out either due to the addictive effects of the cigarette.

Many people will tend to opt for the e-cigarettes to quench their smoking needs. 

Vaping the e-cigarettes is still not 100% safe, but it is healthier as compared to smoking cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes contain fewer amounts of nicotine, and they are thus a better option to overcome smoking health risks. 

If you are struggling to quit smoking without any success, then you may consider vaping to reduce the nicotine levels consumed from the cigarettes. 

This article provides key reasons why vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Lower toxicity levels

E-cigarettes contain lower toxicity levels hence reducing the risk to cancer-causing substances in the body. 

According to Cancer Research in the UK, individuals who completely switched from smoking to vaping were at lower risk of cancer conditions due to the low toxicity amounts in the e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco

The traditional cigarettes contain high compounds of tobacco, among other harmful chemicals which are not included the manufacture of the e-cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes are considered to be less dangerous as they exclude some of these chemicals entirely or lowers their levels hence reducing the health risks. 

The body easily reacts to the chemicals in the traditional cigarettes hence causing prolonged-lasting inflammation, which would lead to severe cases of bronchitis, heart, and lung diseases. 

Since the e-cigarettes contain low amounts of these chemicals, the health-related conditions are not severe as compared to smoking.

If you are not able to completely quit smoking, then you can try completely switching to vaping e-cigarettes for a healthier living.

Reduces dehydration effects

E-cigarettes are mainly in liquid form injected in the skin, which tends to reduce adverse effects such as the dry mouth and dehydration effects in the body. 

Vaping also reduces health risks to other third parties, unlike smoking, where other people around you are likely to inhale cigarettes indirectly. 

Indirect smoking may lead to health risks, such as heart diseases and lung inflammations.

Smoking is quite addictive, and it may take longer to finally quit taking the highly toxic chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes are manufactured in different forms and do not contain tobacco, which is very addictive. 

Other chemicals contained in the e-cigarettes are in low amounts and are not as addictive as the traditional cigarettes. 

If you want to quit smoking, then the best way is to switch to the vapers, which are less addictive. 

Smoking and vaping e-cigarettes are quite dangerous since you risk to health-related conditions. 

However, vaping is healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes since the toxicity levels of the chemicals used in the manufacturing processes are lower. 

If you cannot quit smoking completely, then vaping the e-cigarettes would be a better way to reduce the health-related illnesses.